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List of lectures and workshops for mental health professionals


Workshop #1:

Psychology Of Technology, Internet Addiction, Online Gaming Addiction & Cyber-Wellness: Understanding, Assessment, Intervention & Creating Healthy Balance

– Length and level can be adjusted as necessary.
– Available for interview for TV, radio, newspapers, journals or magazines. Call 707-935-0655 or email info@zurinstitute.com
Sample Syllabus
– This workshop can be geared towards parents, educators, clinicians, families, administrators, or policy makers.

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Psychology of technology: Positive and negative impacts of technology on everyday life.
  • Modern technology, time, and stress.
  • Importance and significance of the Internet and Web: Advancements and positive & negative aspects.
  • How different generations use technology and multitasking.
  • Internet Addiction and Online Gaming Addiction: Scope, causes, assessment and interventions.
  • Technology and Internet permanence: Ways to create positive balance and Cyber-Wellness.
  • On Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives: How to deal with the digital divide that often results in intense and destructive conflict between parents & children, teachers & students, and the older & younger generations.

Workshop #2:

Shrinks on Screen: Portrayals of Therapists in Movies

Movies and TV series offer a personal and upclose perspective of the way in which psychologists are portrayed and viewed by our society. Shining upon our digital screens we see those who are wise and daring, confronting and harsh, nurturing and compassionate, and those who fight their own demons while trying to help others battle against theirs.

We see therapy engaging heart, mind and soul in deeply personal and intimate relationships, such as Robin Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting. Gabriel Byrne, from In Treatment, portrays a noble, anguished soul who is almost too pained, himself, to sooth the pain of others. Richard Dreyfuss, in What About Bob?, plays a buffoonish, inept psychiatrist struggling against his charismatic and nutty patient Bob. Anthony Hopkins, in Silence of the Lambs, chills us with his perfect evil, while Billy Crystal, in Analyze This, reminds us how the dynamics of power do not always belong to and favor the therapist.

The portrayal of psychologists on screens offers a personal and entertaining view of the expectations and assumptions about shrinks within our society.

Workshop #3:

The Metaphor Of Illness: Understanding the Meaning of Your “Dis-ease”

The psychological components of chronic illness have often been neglected during medical treatment. With the emphasis usually on the medical-physiological aspects of sickness, emotional and psychological issues are excluded. Without denying the biological roots of illness, this workshop explores the personal meaning that each “dis-ease” represents to the individual.

“While there is no doubt that viruses, bacteria, and broken bones are facts of life,” writes Ofer Zur, “without understanding the personal significance of illness and the interrelationship of body, mind, heart, and soul, most medical intervention cannot be fully effective. Without this understanding, we neither live fully nor maximize our capability to heal ourselves; as a result, pain and suffering are prolonged. While encouraging realistic responsibility, we will stay clear of blame and guilt. The seminar will demonstrate how people can assume more active participation in healing themselves and others and will demonstrate how we all can live fully and meaningfully with our ‘dis-eases.'”

The workshop will be both experiential and didactic, with a lot of personal work. It is designed for those experiencing chronic or frequent “dis-ease” as well as those who work with such individuals.

Arrange for Dr. Zur to lecture in YOUR AREA

List of lectures and workshops for mental health professionals

Lectures By Dr. Zur
(Potential Topics)

  • Cyberbullying:
      Understanding and preventing cyberbullying
  • The Ethics of Healing:
      On the importance of integrity, flexibility and courage rather than fear and obedience in the art of healing
  • A Nation of Victims:
      Exploring America’s obsession with victimhood, and ways to heal victims
  • Fighting and Loving:
      Teaching couples how to fight better so they can love better
  • Psychotherapists and Their Families:
      How to enhance therapist’s advantages and minimize the hazards

Arrange for Dr. Zur to lecture in YOUR AREA

List of lectures and workshops for mental health professionals

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